When it comes to becoming an artist, there is a long list of resources that you will need to make sure the world discovers who you are. Luckily for you, we do it all!

Here is a list of the services we offer:

Artist Development and Management

Becoming an artist doesn't happen overnight. It is a lengthy process that requires hard work, dedication, passion, talent, charisma and much more. It is no different from becoming a professional athlete or any other profession. Before a hockey, basketball or baseball player gets drafted to a professional team, that person has invested a lifetime of hours practicing and honing their craft and skills and invested thousands of dollars in coaching, transportation, rental fees, gear and more. Becoming an artist is no different.

We specialize in working and developing talented individuals who are just beginning their journey as an artist, and guiding you on the right path to success. Our services for Artist Development and Management include:

Initial Consultation

Meet with our experts to discuss your goals and establish a career path

Music Production

You are ready to write and record your own music! Let us help you turn your creativity into a hit!

Music Distribution

Not sure how to get your music distributed to platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify? We will take care of that for you!

We also offer playlist promotion packages to get people to discover your music, all over the world.

Exploratory Session

Once goals are discussed, meet with our head talent developers in our studio to explore your musical talents, genre, and much more...

Audio Recording

Once your song is ready, it is time to record! We will produce your music in our studio. We also have a network of over 50+ professional musicians of all genres if you need additional instruments/ support.

Video Production/ Distribution

Let us help you plan and produce an amazing music video. We can get your music to all the way to Vevo - the top music video distribution service - only for professional artists!

Artist Development

Create your unique artist image including artist name, fashion style, brand logo, photography and more...

Mixing and Mastering

Once your work is recorded, it is time for mixing to get perfect volume levels. We can also mix your own recording. The last step is Mastering. This is the icing on the cake to every music production.

Audio Recording and Distribution

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, come record your next project with us. We offer recording, mixing, matering and audio distribution to all music platforms. We can make your single, album, podcast or any recording project, a reality.

Audio Recording

Come record your next single, album or podcast at our studio

Mixing and Mastering

Bring your own recording to us for professional mixing and mastering services

Music Distribution

Get your music distributed to the top music distribution platforms in the world.

Studio Rehearsal Space for Musicians/ Bands

Finding jamming space is always a hassle. No more! Come jam at our rehearsal studio. Our studio is fully furnished with everything you need for an amazing rehearsal session.

Basic Rehearsal Package

Includes :

- 16 channel digital board

- Vocal and instrument mics

- Drum set (breakables not included)

- Guitar amp

- Bass amp

- Cables

- PA Speakers


Wanna take your rehearsal to the next level? Upgrade to our full in-ear monitoring package with independent mixes for up to 6 musicians

Go all the way!

Are you serious about your music? Let us record your rehearsal session for up to 16 individual channels. (Price available per song or per full session).

***Note: All rehearsal space packages include an audio engineer for the duration of the session.

Event Production

No matter what event you want to put together, we are connected with the top venues in Canada to help with your event production. We are a one stop shop for staging, lighting, Audio/visuals, PA, Sound Engineering (FOH) and so much more!

Event planning and Management

Planning an event doesn't have to be a hassle because we are here to do it all for you. We have over 15 years of experience in production and execution of events on a national and international level

Equipment Rentals

Staging, lighting, PA... Whatever you need, we take care of it for you.

Live Streaming

Want to show your event to the world? Let us stream your event LIVE with a multi-camera team so your audience will never miss a beat!

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